Cool Tube Assembly

//Cool Tube Assembly
  • Cool Tube with Original Tip
  • Cool Tube with New Tip

Cool Tube Assembly

Cool Tube Assembly / Insertion tube Set
(select design type Original or New – review the gallery pictures)

DIS#: M3-AS-Cool-Tube-Assembly Category:

Product Description

Cool Tube Assembly / Insertion tube Set

There are 2 design options for the Tip.

  1. Original: The Tip is made of spring fingers
  2. New: The tip is fixed diameter with crimped ends (robust and longer lasting design)

(Legacy #: IN4-72-12 / IN4-72-16 / IN4-72-20)

Additional Information

Dripper Size

12, 16, 20

Design Type

Original (Spring Tip), New (Crimped Tip)


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