The RSP-500-A2H is a high speed Cylindrical Dripper Perforating Device.  The device perforates driplines at rates of 500+ cycles per minute and at pipe speeds of 100-120 meters per minute. The device is a standalone unit and comes with its own line encoder for synchronizing the drills’ movement to the dripline.

This dripper perforating devcie is digitally controlled via a color Touch Screen. The location of the holes is adjusted digitally either by a push button or through the Touch Screen and can be made during operation at increments of 0.1 mm.

The drills (cutters) are driven by high speed Air-Motors turning at 50,000 RPM.

The device requires minimal maintenance since there are no slides, shock absorbers, etc. that require replacement.

Converting between pipe sizes requires only one adjustment.

Drill depth is adjusted via a knob and requires no tools.

The User Interface includes statistical spacing measurement information screen which holds data on the last 10 perforations. The data includes the actual spacing, minimum, maximum and average measurements.

This unique perforating device is easily integrated to any existing production line.

Cylindrical Dripper Perforating Device


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