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Drip Irrigation Systems, Ltd. ?/span> FIRST IN INNOVATION

The first inline dripper was invented way back in 1976 by Gershon Eckstein, the founder of Drip Irrigation Systems, Ltd.  His relentless pursuit of a better way of doing things is the spirit that inspires our people today.  So, whether your need is for innovative dripper products or easy-to-use technology to produce inline drip irrigation systems, think Drip Irrigation Systems, Ltd. first.

Drip Irrigation Systems, Ltd. (DIS) is a manufacturer of inline drippers such as the DIS PC dripper (Pressure Compensated dripper) and Conventional dripper (non-PC dripper).  Our PC Dripper comes in two versions, a regular PC dripper and a retention / no-leak PC dripper (CNL Dripper).

DIS manufactures specialized machinery and dripper/dripline equipment servicing the drip irrigation pipe manufacturer.  Our devices include Automatic Flow Tester, Dripper Perforating Device and Dripper Inserting Device.  Our Dripper Insertion Equipment and Dripper Perforation Equipment are built for high production rates (500 cycles per minute), high pipe speeds (120 m/min) and are maintenance free.  All our machinery and devices come with a large Color Touch Screen for flexibility and ease of use.

Our new Flow Tester has a unique design and is capable of testing 10, 20 or up to 30 drippers at a time.  The test takes seconds to complete, as there is no need to collect the water from the drippers in order to measure their flow rate.  The Flow Tester is highly customizable and the test parameters can be programmed by the user through the touch screen.  The Flow Tester can be used on the production floor or in the lab and can be a great tool for R&D when developing new drippers or new dripper flow rates.


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